Do you want to discover the secrets of Miren Kras?

The mysterious Miren Kras can be found far away from the town hustle and bustle, and in the crossroad of the Karst region and the fertile Vipava Valley.  You can feel the serenity, brought by the winds from the nearby sea, which blow over the meanders of the Vipava River and Črni hribi hills amidst the pine trees to the tops of soft olive trees. In Miren Kras, unspoiled nature goes hand in hand with hearty people. Many craft products have been made from natural materials for centuries, while the scent of fresh local culinary delicacies from pots in inns teases your taste buds. Discover architectural, culinary, craft, cultural and green secrets that are an unmissable element of the story of Miren Kras, awarded with the Green Destination Gold label. We follow the vision of sustainable development in all areas. We strive to preserve green nature and create green future.

Leave your worries behind and surrender to the charms of the oasis of peace, which is the perfect place to relax and enjoy.

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