Just like nature, the cuisine of Miren Kras smells of two different worlds. One has been influenced by the slow course of the Vipava River that runs over the fields of the Goriška region, where you can find the best white asparagus in Slovenia. The mild climate has a soothing effect on people and flora. The Karst region has the most intensive scent, impacted by the bora wind and cured ham (prosciutto) which is best accompanied by the inebriating Teran wine.

Dark green Vipava River and red karst soil pair up perfectly in the cuisine of this serene side of the world. The fields in Orehovlje are filled with fresh seasonal vegetables, the firm Karst spices up culinary experiences with typical aromas. The homesteads and farms are open all year round, and their tables serve delicacies, from simple stews to meat or vegetable specialities that give you energy or clean your body. All sweet-toothed will be overwhelmed by the local cuisine, because Miren Kras is the home to jaw-dropping “štruklji” (dumplings with filling).  The enogastronomical speciality are the so-called “osmice” at tourist farms. This refers to 14-day untaxed sale of home-made food and meat, that has traditionally been preserved since the times of Mary Theresa.

We are fulfilling our commitment to sustainable gastronomy, which builds excellence in the local supply chain and follows the seasons, under the “Krasna kuhnja” brand.

Enjoy health on the plates of the Miren Kras!

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Ekološka kmetija Francetovi (Family Eco Farm Francetovi)

The treasury of cheeses and dairy products

Homestand Pr' Krčarju

Taste Karst in one place

Zeliščna kmetija Rogelja (Herb Farm)

From a healing plant to healthy well-being

Teran Kavčič

Vacation on the wine route

Kmetija Faganeli (Farm)

Genuine and homely in the embrace of nature

Kujtna domačija (Homestead)

Genuine karst experience 

Ušaj Farm



Pickled vegetables and fruit

Majcen farm

Production of fruit.

Okrepčevalnica Cerje (Restaurant)

Tastes of Vipava and Karst with a view


The fragrant story amidst the fields of lavender

Gostilna Kogoj (Inn)

The place for eating and sleeping well

Gostilna Štirna (Inn)

Karst inn with hundred-year tradition

Gostilna Makorič (Inn)

From the garden to art on a plate

Gostilna Bric (Inn)

Paradise at the meander of the Vipava River

Picerija Frnažar (Pizzeria)

From a hot wood-fired oven straight to the heart

Tourist farm Leban

Treasury of wines in the Karst region

Turistična kmetija Marušič (Tourist Farm)

Amidst vineyards and olive groves

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