The kitchen of Miren Kras smells of two worlds. In the fields called the Garden of Goriška, which are fed by the calm flow of the Vipava River, grow seasonal vegetables and healing white asparagus. The Karst smells of an intense smell of bora dried prosciutto and intoxicating teran.

The dark green river Vipava and the red karst soil in a unique way inspire the cuisine on the Serene Side of Slovenia. Homestead courtyards are open all year round and tables are always full of seasonal delicacies, from simple plates such as Karst or Friulian jota, to meat or vegetable treats based on wild asparagus, home-grown herbs and berries that provide energy or cleanse the body. Here is home of delicious struklji. A special feature of the offer are so-called “osmice”, which open their doors twice a year on tourist farms - up to 14 days of tax-free sales of home-grown food and meat has been preserved since the time of Maria Theresa.

We are fulfilling our commitment to sustainable gastronomy, which builds excellence in the local supply chain and follows the seasons, under the “Krasna kuhnja” brand.

Enjoy health on the plates of the Miren Kras!

Follow the sign

Osmica Pr' Krčarju

Taste Karst in one place

OSMICA tourist farm Faganeli

Genuine and homely in the embrace of nature.


Treasury of wines in the Karst region

Program v izbranem filtru ni na voljo.

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