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Monument of Peace and Observation Tower in Cerje

The panoramic viewpoint of Cerje proudly stretches above the Vipava Valley and the sea on the edge of the karst plateau. This is the location of the 25-metres high Monument of Peace, built to preserve the memory of all defenders of the Slovenian land in the nation’s history. The stone giant hides precious treasures of history and arts. Interesting architecture of the glorious fort has been integrated in the heart of a natural amphitheatre, where the views stretch in all sides of the sky. When the Adriatic Sea, the Friuli Plain, the Julian Alps and the Vipava Valley stretch below you, it seems that you have caught the freedom of a bird. Feel the story of Slovenia and the beauty of our region.

In 2018, the Monument of Peace on Cerje received the award of the international Association Kultura-Natura for the Preservation and Valorisation of Cultural Heritage. In 2019, it was recognized by the Tourist Patrol as the most beautiful viewpoint in Slovenia. In 2022, the Slovenia Tourist Association awarded the monument second place among the TOP attractions in Slovenia.

Enjoy in serenity and peace. See you in Cerje!

The Monument of Peace on Cerje
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The Monument of Peace on Cerje
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