Miren Kras

The serene side of Slovenia

13 °C

Pssst ..., this is the serene side of Slovenia.

Softly stretching across the meadows and rounded hills, to the west-most point of Slovenia, flirting with Italy and the sea. Everything has a special scent between the green Vipava Valley and Karst. Scent of sage, pine trees, freshness and peace. Feel the serenity of the slow Vipava River that gives water to the fertile fields covered with white asparagus. Listen to the stories of caves along the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic. Experience the majestic views from Cerje of the sea, the Alps and the picturesque villages that spread like the wings on the hills of Črni hribi, where trees bustle in the bora wind and where wind-dried ham or prosciutto is matured. Behind the dry-stoned walls part of the UNESCO world heritage, we can find olive trees and grapes for Teran wine, a dark and zesty wine like the nights of Miren Kras.

Experiencea wonderful tale of love between man and nature.

Our commitment to sustainable development is confirmed by the prestigious
golden sign  "Slovenia Green Destination".

We take care of your health amd well-being by respecting the Responsilbe travel standards od Slovenian tourism. More…


For lovers of green paths and sunny discoveries between karst hills and the Vipava River


For history, art and creativity buffs in the heart of the Vipava Valley and Karst


For genuine local culinary buffs, who are enraptured by the healing asparagus, prosciutto from Karst and Vipava.

Monument of Peace and Observation Tower

Let’s get together to celebrate life and business events on Cerje, the centre of Miren Kras.

Do you want to discover the secrets of Miren Kras?

OSMICA "Na Lehtah" Leban
Lipa na Krasu
15. 10. – 24. 10. 2021

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