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We are Slovenia Green Gold destination

Miren Kras has become a Slovenia Green Gold destination with one of the highest marks in sustainability in Slovenian tourism. With this golden label that we received in the beginning of 2019, Slovenian Tourist Board recognised our vision “Together for Green Future”, the efforts for preserving nature and cultural heritage, and for the effort for promoting positive effects of tourism in the environment and the local community. In three categories – culture and tradition, destination management, nature and environment – Miren Kras achieved 9 of 10 points.

Everyday life in Miren Kras is coloured green at every step. 90% of the area is protected under the Natura 2000 European network. We strive to harvest as much produce in our fields as possible, and everything that inspires us in nature and tradition, is used in craftsmanship and work. Many stories and images, from architecture with dry stone walls that are part of Unesco world heritage, to arts of organic forms and red Teran wine, speak about the cooperation of people and nature in Miren Kras.

Protecting the environment is one of the main priorities of Miren Kras destination. We promote the use of e-cars and e-bikes to reduce our carbon footprint, we organise events where no plastic materials are used, we use mascots to promote the care for nature among the youth, and we plant many new trees every year. Our biggest attraction, the Monument of Peace in Cerje, is certified with the international eco-label Green Key as a conference center and tourist attraction. It is also the holder of the Slovenia green Attraction label. The golden Slovenia Green label is a green commitment and responsibility. The extent of this responsibility was shown after the great fire that we experienced in August 2019. We joined together and with the help of entire Slovenia planted a Promenade of Gratitude with more than 500 saplings of new autochthonous trees: oak, maple, sorb tree and checker tree, in the background of the promenade, we also planted 10,000 saplings of black pine.

Sustainability indicators of destination Miren Kras

Feel our GREEN HEART before your arrival to Miren Kras

Green guidelines for visiting the destination


Miren Kras is a sustainable, safe, healthy and attractive destination throughout the year and suitable for a few days of relaxing vacation for guests who are, in addition to peace, quiet and unspoiled nature, interested in outdoor activities, rich cultural and historical heritage and excellent cuisine.


In close partnership with stakeholders, we are developing a sustainable and safe tourist destination Miren Kras by offering excellent services and innovative 5 * experiences for environmentally responsible guests who tend to return.


Peace, security, authenticity, homeliness, boutique, tradition, creativity, environmental responsibility, health and well-being.


Green window of Miren Kras

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