Do you aspire active ventures and green views? If you really want to know Miren Kras, then explore it in motion and in contact with nature. The serene side of Slovenia is the place where you can hear the sounds of nature and of the beating of your heart. Two diverse worlds are intertwined there. The Vipava River flows between the fields and brings the delicacy of the Mediterranean. The firm Karst stretches from the depths of underground caves to the heights above the ground, which can be climbed or reached by bike.

Wherever you go, one side opens the view of various dimensions of the Karst region, on the other side, you can see the Soča River and the Friuli region, towards the south, the sea glows and you can marvel at Trieste, the Julian Alps open up in the north. From the green Vipava Valley to the wine hills and karst peaks of Črni hribi, you can find trails for hikers, cyclists and horseback riders. The emerald green Vipava is the water line of pleasure for fishermen, kayakers and other water sport buffs. Karst caves call out to caving adventures. Breathe in the freedom and peace between the Vipava Valley, Karst and the Alps.

TOP experience

The charm of the wild Miren Kras -photo hunt

Wildlife hunting and photography


INTINITI mindfulness experience

69 €/ person
ATV vožnja po Krasu: guided tours
120-200€ for each quad bike, which can ride 2 people
Karra - unveil the hidden Karst

Discover hidden karst stories and stunning natural and cultural heritage in tense treasure hunts, escape rooms (even outdoors) and original team buildings.

from 80€/ group of 2-5 people

Choose the perfect experience

Peace Trail on Kras

Green views and the feeling of peace

E- point Miren

Rent an e- bike and discover Miren Kras and surroundings.

Monument of peace on Cerje

Did you know that the steps of the Monument of Peace in Cerje work as a time machine? From one floor to another, the exhibitions take you through Slovenia’s history. When you discover this treasure, you can relax at a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with views of all sides of the sky.

Jana Sušanj – Cactus Carstica

The world of cactuses and succulents collector

Themed trails through Miren Kras

Between standing waters and wells to the soul of Karst

Kayaking and water sports

Unforgettable river adventures

Depends on the service
The Cerje educational trail

Educational trail suitable for families

Fishing on the Vipava River

The richness of waters around Miren

Horseback riding trails in Miren Kras

Across the fields of Vipava and Karst on horse’s back

Anže Rogelja - dry pumpkins

Unique decoration of pumpkins

OnNose Adventures

The Vipava Valle and its surroundings through the eyes of an adventurer

Cycling trails in Miren Kras

Cycling to the most beautiful views

Program v izbranem filtru ni na voljo.

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