Zeliščna kmetija Rogelja (Herb Farm)

From a healing plant to healthy well-being

40 seats in summer, 20 seats in winter

The Rogelja Herb Farm offers a different experience. The respect for nature, health and well-being are firmly rooted on the serene side of the world. From generation to generation, the family has preserved the tradition and upgraded it with new approaches and knowledge. At workshops at Rogelje Herb Farm, you will learn and see their blossoming fields and herbal gardens, and you will learn about the entire process of growing herbs to making herbal products. Besides a cup of tea, various types of massages bring you special relaxation, because the experienced massager quickly feels which parts of your body need special attention and touch. You just have to try and buy tea, herbal drops, hydrolates or ointments that have a positive effect on your body and soul.


  • Visit of the farm and herbs,
  • growing, processing and storage of herbal products and herbs, lectures,
  • consulting,
  • purchase of products (teas, liqueurs, herbal drops, hydrolats, ointments ...),
  • massages (classical, energy, TUI-NA, therapeutic, anti-stress, exuberant with herbs, lymphatic drainage, reflex foot massage ...),
  • pedicure (classical or medical).
Opening hours

By agreement.

Green facts

The mission of the Rogelja Herb Farm is to care for heritage, clean environment and ancient wisdoms of nature. The farm uses energy saving bulbs and separates waste. We save water and use environmentally-friendly soaps and detergents. We strive to use local ingredients that ensure a genuine and healthy culinary experience.

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