The peace park between the ground and the sky

Monument of peace
from 25€/person

Venture out on a four-hour journey through the events of the First World War that left the area of the Isonzo Front and Karst devastated and is now considered as heritage of European importance. Discover the stone throne of General Borojević and the underground supply area in the Pečinka Cave. All war heritage, preserved at original locations, is the part of the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic. The price includes admission, guidance, coffee and snack at Okrepčevalnica Cerje bar.

The historical experience starts with the viewing of the film War on the Karst (1915-1918) at the Monument of Peace in Cerje. Then walk through history with a guide. The stone fortress is like a time machine that represents different periods in Slovenia, including both wars and Slovenian independence. The panoramic platform symbolises the bright future.

Descend back to the ground from the top of the Monument of Peace, where the most Slovenian soldiers lost their lives during WWI at the Isonzo Front. The next exciting stop is the throne of Borojević, dedicated to the famous general of the Austro-Hungarian army. He successfully planned the overturn on the front, which led to the final battle and an unexpected final defeat of the Italian army.

Then descend below the ground where you can find the Pečinka Cave that is 22 metres deep and 150 metres wide. The cave contained the remains of prehistoric civilisations and now tells the story of WWI. The Austro-Hungarian army founded a caving and construction section with 500 people who worked to exploit the natural caves and precipices. They researched and arranged more than hundred caves. During the First World War the Pečinka cave served as shelter for soldiers. Bulk beds and cabins for officers can still be seen. It was first occupied by Austro-Hungarian Army, but during the Ninth Battle of the Isonzo at the beginning of November 1916 it passed into the hands of Italian troops and remained in their possession until November 1917 when the battles on the Isonzo Front ended after 29 months. The circle closes at the Monument of Peace, where you can enjoy in beautiful views and nature that surrounds you while having a cup of coffee or a snack.

 Obligatory equipment and limitations:

  • Hiking shoes and warm clothes.
  • The cave is not accessible for the disabled.
  • The cave cannot be visited in rain.


  • 2 persons: €36.00/person
  • 12 people: €15.00/person
  • 30 people: €12.50/person
  • 50 people: €11.00/person

4 hrs (1.5 h Monument of Peace + 1.5 h Pečinka + 1 h lunch)

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