The charm of the wild Miren Kras -photo hunt

Wildlife hunting and photography

min. 2 persons

The Trstelj - Miren Kostanjevica Hunting Club was named after the highest peak of the karst Slovenia and Miren Kras where you can catch the images of the diverse landscape stretching from the Vipava Valley to the wide plateau of the Trieste and Komen Karst and the Gulf of Trieste. There are many birds and game living between the Vipava River and karst forests.

Observe animals in the natural environment of Miren Kras accompanied by experienced hunters who care for balance and sustainable development in the wilderness. They can take you photo hunting or just hunting. Rare and endangered birds including eagle-owl, live in the trees, and does, foxes, deer, boars and even brown bears live in the forests. Catch unforgettable memories and the images of rich fauna of Miren Kras from a safe distance. 


  • Photo hunting
  • Observation accompanied by hunters

Working hours:
By agreement

Green facts

Care for the environment and wildlife is our mission. We preserve the life in Miren Kras for future generations.

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