Retracing the footsteps of a WW1 soldier

from 38€/ person
Min. no. of people 2 Max. no. of people 15

Listen to the stories from the Isonzo Fron that marked Miren Kras during the First World War. Slovenian soldiers, who mostly served the Emperor and the Austro-Hungarian army, fought for 29 months on the Isonzo Front. General Borojević’s throne that can be seen in Cerje is also solid and made of stone. Learn about the lives of soldiers who had rare moments on Karst to rest from war in deep caves where they arranged shelter for themselves. The price includes guidance, catering and coffee.

The film “Vojna na Krasu” (War on Karst) )1915–1918) takes you to the time of WWI. It can be viewed at the Monument of Peace in Cerje, a stone panoramic tower that stands like a fort on the history chess board of Slovenia. When the Italian army advanced, the most Slovenian soldiers lost their lives amidst the karst meadows and hills. The dark irrationality of war has been masterly painted by Rudi Španzel on a large canvas “Ples življenja in smrti” (Dance of Life and Death) that has a special place at the Monument of Peace. Past the “Slovenian Guernica” as it was often namend by some art critics, we continue to walk through the history of Slovenia to the panoramic platform of the Monument of Peace, where your view stretches to the Alps and the sea on a clear day.

Before departing to the mysterious underground world, see the stone Borojević’s throne, dedicated to the famous general of the Austro-Hungarian army, who contributed to the decisive turn in the war and the unexpected defeat of the Italian army at the 12th battle on the Isonzo Front known under the name "the Miracle of Caporetto". At Pečinka Cave, you can take a picture with soldiers in uniforms and try the weight of military uniforms by yourselves for a memorial photography. See the bulk beds, where soldiers spent hard nights during the war, and try what food they ate. All this can be experienced at Pečinka Cave, 12 metres below the ground.

By walking back to the Monument of Peace, you return to the present time. To finish up your tour, you can enjoy in the most beautiful view while having a cup of coffee and spoiling your taste buds with a dessert.

Group limitations:

  • Min. no. of people = 2
  • Max. no. of people = 15
  • This tour is presented in various languages: SLO, ITA, ENG, SERB/CRO,

Food and beverages:

  • Military “cutlery”
  • Menu with drinks

Additional information:

  • This tour should be booked at least 8 days in advance.

Obligatory equipment and limitations:

  • Hiking shoes and warm clothes (the cave is cold).
  • The cave is not accessible for the disabled.
  • The cave cannot be visited in rain. 

1.5 h Monument of Peace + 1.5 h Pečinka and Borojević + 1–2 hrs lunch = 4–5 hrs

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