10 km

Explore Miren Kras. Walk among the dry stone walls, fields and vineyards, fresh up in the Vipava River that runs through Miren, go into the forest and towards the most beautiful panoramic points of the Karst region. Relax in the Peace Park and knock on the doors of ateliers, tourist farms, “osmice” or inns.

Spomni se name (Remember me) Museum

For remembrance and admonition

Shoemakers Museum

100-year tradition of shoe- and leather making

Pečinka Cave
to 10 persons €45, 30 persons 60€, to 50 persons 100€
Oskar Kogoj Gallery

Oskar Kogoj Nature Design

Negovan Nemec Sculptural Atelier

Sculptural inspirations of Miren Kras

Monument of peace on Cerje

Did you know that the steps of the Monument of Peace in Cerje work as a time machine? From one floor to another, the exhibitions take you through Slovenia’s history. When you discover this treasure, you can relax at a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with views of all sides of the sky.

Mirenski Grad

Social centre and the home to spiritual evolution

House of Opatje Selo Tradition

Ethnological collection of traditional crafts

E- bajk.si point Miren

Rent an e- bike and discover Miren Kras and surroundings.

Program v izbranem filtru ni na voljo.

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