Spomni se name (Remember me) Museum

For remembrance and admonition

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The cemetery in Miren is one of the most special cemeteries in the world, because in the post-war period, the prohibited path to a better future ran right across this place. The border between the former Yugoslavia, subsequently Slovenia and Italy, ran diagonally between the graves. The borderline that was without any feeling or foresight of consequences drawn on the map by American soldiers according to the decisions of the peace pact ni Paris, separated neighbours and relatives, those living and those dead. It completely changed the habits and life in Miren, which on one hand became the place of hope and adventures, and on the other side of despair and weakness.

From 1947 to 1975, the runaways risked their lives for each crossing of the Miren border. There were more than 40,000 illegal border crossings, whereas more than 700 people were arrested just because they helped people cross the border. Miren cemetery has grown from the symbol of the careless dynamics of international policy to a place where people can make peace with the past. Today, the cemetery is the site of the “Spomni se name” (Remember me) Museum, dedicated to all who were disabled to visit graves because of the border, which was a risky path to the unknown, and is dedicated to all those who lost their freedom or lives while crossing the border. A stone memorial plaque is placed on the external side of the mortuary. Visitors, who have lost any trace of their loved ones, can symbolically bury their relatives by putting soil in the common “memorial glass vessel”.


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