Osmica ''Na lehtah'' – Leban

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Osmica Leban is located near the highest hill in the Karst region, Trstelj. It stands on fertile land that produces a real treasury of vines every year. Traditional Teran wine is best served with various local delicacies that are the product of many years of livestock farming and agriculture. You will enjoy in typical karst meats that are dried through the year on the strong karst bora wind. While viewing the surrounding hills, you can enjoy in home-made sweet dumplings that are an unmissable part of the local cuisine. 

TOP 3 house specialities:

  • Mixed cold cuts
  • Sausage with sauerkraut
  • Cooked nut dumplings
Opening hours

By arrangement and


  • from 15. - 24. october 2021
Green facts

The Krčar Family has taken care of nature and culinary heritage for many generations. We use energy saving bulbs and separate waste. We save water and offer own products.

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