Monument of peace on Cerje

Did you know that the steps of the Monument of Peace in Cerje work as a time machine? From one floor to another, the exhibitions take you through Slovenia’s history. When you discover this treasure, you can relax at a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with views of all sides of the sky.

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Monument of Peace, 25 metres high stone tower, is located at the panoramic peak in Cerje. It overlooks the Goriška region, Karst, Vipava Valley, Friuli Plain and the Adriatic Sea. We often say that this is the place of the historical treasures of Slovenia, because you can walsk from one important period to another in just one place, and symbolically stare at the future on the panoramic platform.

When you enter the Monument of Peace, you can see the starry sky that shines in the summer solstice. Your journey through Slovenian history starts under the shiny stars. While walking through time, you will travel to the famous Freising manuscripts, the first preserved manuscripts written in Slovenian language. A large part of the exhibition is dedicated to the First World War that greatly impacted Slovenia and Miren Kras. The Isonzo Front that ran from the highest peaks of the Julian Alps across Karst towards the sea, is the largest battlefield in the alpine area in human history. The grand canvas by Rudi Španzel, The Dance of Life and Death, displayed on the ground floor of the Monument of Peace, is dedicated to WWI. You will learn about the story of the anti-fascist movement (TIGT) and the hard times of the local population during both wars and after the Second World War. The Slovenian story is completed with independence and a bright future, rounded up by the exhibitions of selected works of famous Slovenian artists. Breathtaking views of the landscape stretch from the covered platform.

You can finish off this experience at the local bar, where you get free drinks in the weekend, or choose from a variety of excellent desserts.


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