INTINITI mindfulness experience

Pomnik miru na Cerju
69 €/ person
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A sensual exploration of man and the mysteries of the Monument of Peace alongside an authentic story of the Karst

The Intiniti Monument Bliss unique experience unveils the mysteries of the Monument of Peace on Cerje hill by shedding light on the archaic symbols that highlight the mightiness of life, man and nature. A professionally guided journey in the heart of the monument based on the INTINITI concept combines science, art and nature as well as new forms of perceiving history and art through activating the senses and contact with the Karst environment, you can learn about the rich natural and cultural heritage of the area and the practice of mindfulness. From the mighty exterior of the majestic architecture, the three-layered entrance will guide you to the understated interior of the Monument of Peace. While discovering its mysteries, you stimulate various senses and experience the past in a unique way, by intertwining it with the presence and the moment - here and now. You gradually activate your view of details from completely new perspectives. The monument’s staircase resembles a symbol of advancement in knowledge, learning and understanding. On each of the five tower floors you get to explore a new story and experience it mindfully, through your body and senses. Special attention is drawn to the rich symbolism of the 3 x 5 metre large artistic masterpiece of painter and graphic artist Rudi Španzel, The Dance of Life and Death (Slovene: Ples življenja in smrti).

The seven-storey tower has been designed as a tree, the source of life. From its roots the trunk winds itself to the treetop, symbolising our ascent to wisdom and learning what is good and what bad.

Our mindful journey ends on the highest platform, at the top or the treetop, where presence in this experience is mirrored in the symbolism of celebration. From the most beautiful panoramic spot in Slovenia, as foreign guests often refer to it, the views stretch from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea across seven natural landscapes on four sides of the sky. The experience ends with the mindful tasting of local delicacies, exquisitely completed with Teran wine. When you hear the popping of the cork, the velvety wine murmurs into the glass. Taste it while balancing your emotions and collecting your thoughts of everything that you have experienced. What has touched you most, what has made you happy or even astonished you? Are you enjoying the majestic views here and now?

Duration: 2.5 hours or by agreement

Expert guidance in Slovene, English, Italian, Russian, Spanish and French.

When: Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:00 to 18:00 (summer) or from 8:00 to 16:00 (winter), other days by preliminary agreement, after 18:00 or 16:00.

Number of participants: 6 to 12 (open group) or by agreement

Price: €69 per person

The price includes:

  • expert guidance including mindfulness practice
  • visit to the Monument of Peace in Cerje
  • mindful tasting of local delicacies and Teran wine
  • fresh drinking water and home-made juice

The experience can be additionally customised to your needs and taste.

Expert guide: Urška Merljak, the founder of the Intiniti Concept, specialised in integrative psychotherapy, Bachelor of Law, mediator and dance researcher, President of the Karlina Qualify of Life Association – promoting natural human potential.

We also offer personalised programmes for couples, groups and companies.

Reservation: at least 3 days in advance.

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