Mirenski grad

Social centre and the home to spiritual evolution

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Mirenski Grad is located right below Cerje, in the safe haven of Črni hribi hills, i.e. at 120 metres altitude and offers magnificent views of the Friulian Plain, the Dolomites and Julian Alps, the Upper Vipava Valley and the Trnovski gozd forest. At three crosses near the church, there is a round stone table – orientation point – with a view of Goriška brda, Gorizia and Novo Gorico as well as Sabotin hill. In sunny weather, your views can stretch over Sveta Gora to Triglav mountain.

There has never been no real castle, as the name “Grad” indicates, but the name itself can be seen in historical sources from the 16th century.

Mirenski Grad is a spiritual centre, the home of the Lazarists, the Sisters of Mercy and St. Vincent de Paul Society, a volunteering organisation. They work to be close to people and create the place that welcomes everyone. The area itself offers individuals or groups who come here, a place to get away to solitude and silence. Visitors can stop in nature and at various signs.

Below the hill, you can visit the Holy Stairs, a rare piece of cultural heritage in Slovenia. There are only 7 such monuments in Slovenia. They were built according to the plans of architect Ivan Vurnik. In the past, pilgrims used to kneel along the stairs and pray to the mercy of God. At the top of the stairs, you can see the fresco of the ashamed Jesus by Tone Kralj.

The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows is the heart of Mirenski Grad. It was built as a basilica in new Romanesque style. The main altar was built according to the plans of Ivan Vurnik, and it was completed by Tone Kralj. His works also comprise the main statue of the Mary of Sorrows, the paintings of the passion and the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, which are full of important symbolism and which have been restored by Lojze Čemažar in fresco technique. The front side of the church was created in pieces of coloured glass by Oskar Kogoj according to the plans of Tone Kralj.

The major festivity in Mirenski Grad is the so-called “Kvatrnica” or Ember Days, celebrated every third Sunday in September.

The Spiritual Centre in Mirenski Grad (Gnidovčev dom duhovnih vaj) holds spiritual classes and organises various programmes for children and families within the scope of the Mirenski Grad Family Centre. The St. Vincent de Paul Society, a volunteering organisation in Mirenski Grad also provides an accommodation programme for the homeless.

Accommodation for fixed groups is also possible upon prior arrangement at the Spiritual Centre, where you will be served local culinary delicacies and their home-grown vegetables.


  • Guided tours
  • Individual visits
  • Souvenir shop
  • Events/festivals
  • Accessible for disabled persons
  • Artwork sale

Holy masses
Every day at 7:00.

Sundays and holidays
From 7:00 to 16:00

Opening hours
  • Every day from 8:00 to 21:00
Green facts

Preserving natural and cultural heritage is our mission.  We restore the cultural and architectural richness of Mirenski Grad. We separate waste and save water. We strive to grow our own vegetables and fruit as well as use local ingredients that contribute to the uniqueness of your experience.

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