How to reach us


Miren Kras is easily accessibly by car. It is located near the H4 highway, running through the Vipava Valley to Italy.  When you exit, you are only a 5-minute drive away from Miren Kras.


You can reach Kostanjevica na Krasu by bus from Nova Gorica six times a day and two times from Sežana. Nova Gorica can be accessed from various places in Slovenia by bus or train. Drive from Nova Gorica to Miren or Kostanjevica na Krasu takes from 15 to 45 minutes.


You can book individual or group transport with one of the following transport services providers:

  • Inter taxi Chouaieb Hergli s.p. (Telephone number: +38640218055)
  • Uniplan d.o.o. (Telephone number: +38641341226)
  • Marko Slivnik (Telephone number: 0038653080677)
  • Igor Mozetič s.p. (Telephone number: +38640799344)
  • Mik-Mik prevoz (Telephone number: +38630407412)

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