Green Facts

Miren – Kostanjevica Municipality received the golden Slovenian Green Destination award given by the Slovenian Tourist Board. The latter explained that the Miren – Kostanjevica Municipality received grades above 9 (10 being the highest) in three categories, i.e. culture and tradition, destination management, nature and environment.

And deservedly so! More than 90% of the landscape of Miren Kras has been protected by Natura 2000 due to exceptional flora and fauna biodiversity, the local people have for many years nurtured the messages of our ancestors and preserved everyday traditions, in daily chores, in the kitchen, in the field or in the garden.  Stonecutting, shoemaking, brickwork and whip making traditions have been preserved in the masterpieces of our craftsmen and artists who offer their wonderful creations in the form of products, gallery arts or unique souvenirs. Nature and mane have a special bond here.

We will try our best in the future to work in a sustainable, green way. We will dedicate more attention to reducing our carbon footprint and to our environment. We do not use any plastic materials at all public events in Miren Kras. We strive to achieve new green objectives in collaboration with other stakeholders.

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