House of Opatje Selo Tradition

Ethnological collection of traditional crafts

30 persons €45, more than 30 persons €1.5 per person
max. 50

The House of Opatje Selo Tradition is now the heart of the lovely village of Opatje Selo. The courtyard of the house carries the typical karst character, since it is paved with stone plates and surrounded with dry-stoned wall. In the middle of the courtyard, we can find a well (“štirna”), the centre of life of every karst house. The house reflects karst character and takes you through the typical crafts in Opatje Selo, where there were 5 major whip production workshops, local people were also distinguished as excellent barrel makers and stone cutters.

Janez, a local from Opatje Selo, can show you how whips were made for teaming horses and oxen. He uses bendable nettle tree wood that only grows in Miren Kras and in the Friuli region. He sometimes shows how whips are made on barrels used for making schnapps. Old tools and products collections, video presentations and other presentations show the history of crafts in Opatje Selo.


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Preserving cultural heritage is our mission. Old crafts and traditions that have formed our character, cannot be forgotten.

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