Horseback riding trails in Miren Kras

Across the fields of Vipava and Karst on horse’s back

Renče - Kras

If you explore the serene side of the world on a horse, you will be overwhelmed by galloping across the Vipava fields and karst hills. Two horse-riding trails are best explored together with the riders from Vipava and the Karst, who know all the corners of Miren Kras. The first trail (22 km) is a journey through the Vipava Valley and the Karst. Start at Frlan farm in Vogrsko and descend to the valley, where you can feel the green dimensions of the region, empowered by the Vipava River, which is quite wild in its upper course, but more settled in Miren. Continue along the karst edge between the hills and Črni hribi to Cerje, where you can discover the WWI heritage, the caves and ditches as well as Borojević throne.

The trail continues through picturesque karst villages of Lokvica and Opatje selo towards Italy. The second horse-riding trail (25 km) runs through the heart of Karst, from Nova vas across the panoramic hills of Županov vrh and Kremenjak, where you can enjoy in the view of the Gulf of Trieste. From Selo na Krasu the trail runs northwards along the route of the former military railway. Arrive to the gardens and fields of Lipa between the dry-stoned walls and karst areas. One of the peaks of the trail is riding beneath Trstelj, the highest peak of the Karst region. Return to the trailhead along the circular trail that is connected with the first horse-riding trail. 


  • 22 km main horseback riding trail: Vogrsko – Renče – Cerje – Lokvica – Opatje Selo – Nova vas
  • 25 km circular horseback riding trail: Nova vas – Županov vrh – Sela na Krasu – Vojščica – Lipa – Oševljek – Renče
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