6th Kras Kros Trail Run


In 2021, the story of Kras Kros sports and recreational events continues. The events are organized by AMKK Ales.ca-racing society from Miren with support of Municipality Miren – Kostanjevica.

The 6th Kras Kros Trail Run will be organized in Miren and in a part of Kras. The running route will unofficially be 14 km long with 280 m of difference in altitude. The route will run on paths and forest roads from Miren to Kras (in Cerje surroundings) with the return in Vipava valley. The runner could also be choosing between two different running routes – ca 10 km/200 m and ca 18 km/380 m.

More info and sign-up: www.kraskros.com

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